Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping

To determine the staging of various types of cancer, assessment of metastasis of the first tumor draining lymph, the sentinel lymph node (SLN), is vital.

Detection of the SLN, that is difficult to detect by the naked eye, can be optimized using fluorescence imaging. In this procedure a fluorescent tracer, IndoCyanine Green (ICG), is injected in the tumor region.

Due to the draining mechanism of the lymph system the ICG will be transferred through the lymphatic system to the connecting lymph nodes.

By using the Quest Spectrum Platform the fluorescent properties of the ICG allow for the mapping of the tumor draining lymphatic system, including the nodes and veins.

The SLN that is detected using the Quest Spectrum Platform in combination with ICG can now be dissected for the cancer staging assessment using pathology.

An example of the performance of the Quest Spectrum Platform used for sentinel lymph node mapping is shown here.

Sentinel lymph node mapping

Color image

A representation of what the surgeon can see with the naked eye and can be used for guidance during the procedure.

Overlay image

A combination of the color and the fluorescence signal (the green color) is provided to the surgeon for optimal guidance and detection of the lymph node.

Fluorescence image

Impression of the intensity of the fluorescent signal created by the ICG that is present in the lymph node.

Example of Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping


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