Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping (SLNM) in breast tissue using ICG

This video shows the application of the Quest Spectrum Platform for the detection of the SLN.

In this procedure a sentinel lymph node (SLN) is detected in an open surgery using ICG as a fluorescent marker. ICG accumulates in the SLN and assists in the detection and excision of the lymph node in breast tissue.

To determine the staging in breast cancer, assessment of metastasis of the first tumor draining lymph, the sentinel lymph node (SLN), is vital.

The  gold standard for the detection of the SLN involves the application of Technetium, a radioisotope with a high SLN detection rate. Unfortunately Technetium does not allow intraoperative visualization. It is therefore combined with Patent Blue, a staining agent with a low detection rate and known to color the breast blue for a considerable time (tattooing).

To overcome the limitations of this exhaustive procedure a growing number of hospitals is performing SLNM in breast tissue using indocyanine green (ICG).

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Motivations to choose ICG in case of SLNM:

  • SLN detection rate similar to Technetium and higher than Patent Blue
  • Good intraoperative visualization
  • No use of radiation
  • No tattooing
  • Saving the cost of applying Technetium (± €1350 per case)
  • Patient hospitalization is a day shorter
  • Less logistics trouble when Technetium has to be obtained from another hospital


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