• Perfusion

    Perfusion of organs can be visualized during surgery with help of the Quest Spectrum Platform. During an open or laparoscopic procedure, patients are injected with Indo Cyanine Green (ICG) which tightly binds to plasma proteins within the vascular system. This tracer flows through the cardiovascular system to the organ of..
  • Sentinal lymph node mapping

    The Quest Spectrum Platform can be used for visualization of the sentinel lymph nodes. The sentinel lymph nodes are the first lymph nodes or group of nodes that drain tumors. Therefore, these nodes are particularly important since primary tumors might spread through the lymphatic system to other organs. The sentinel..
  • Visualization of Tumors

    The Quest Spectrum Platform can be used for visualization of tumors. Tumors are widely known for their rapid generation time an increased energy consumption. In order to prevent a full collapse of the tumor cells due to nutrient deprivation or self-pollution, the tumor cells induce angiogenesis. The new blood vessels..

Applications of the Quest Spectrum Platform

The Quest Spectrum Platform is globally used in fluorescence image-guided surgery by our partners in various applications because of its simplistic usage. The main procedure of fluorescent image-guided surgery can be summarized in a two-step method. In the first step, the patient is injected with fluorescent tracer that congregates at the targeted area of the application. In the second step, the Quest Spectrum Platform is used to visualize the targeted area. In more detail, visualization of the targeted area is performed by exciting the fluorescent tracer with near-infrared (NIR) light generated by the Quest Spectrum Light Engine. Then, the fluorescent response of the tracer is captured by the Quest Spectrum Camera simultaneously with visible light. This simple two-step method can be performed in the order of minutes which makes is exceptionally suitable for surgery.

The applications of the Quest Spectrum Platform are dependent on the fluorescent tracer that is used during surgery. Currently, Indo Cyanine Green (ICG) is most frequently used as a fluorescent tracer. This tracer binds tightly to plasma proteins and becomes confined to the vascular system. As a result, ICG can be used for various applications.

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