The Quest Spectrum Camera

Benefits of the Quest Spectrum Camera

The Quest Spectrum Camera is the core compartment of the Quest Spectrum Platform. This camera possesses a unique prism technology that is able to simultaneously capture information from visible and near-infrared light sources in high definition (HD).   By combining 3 sensors this technology allows for real-time visualization of the “visible” natural image and up to two “invisible” fluorescent images.

The information captured with the Quest Spectrum Camera can be visualized in two different modes as shown on the right. In the first mode, the standard color image is separately evaluated from the fluorescent image to clearly identify the fluorescent active tissues. In the second mode, the natural image is overlaid with one of the fluorescent images. This allows direct assessment of the location of the targeted tissue without any delay.

Operation Modes of the Quest Spectrum Camera

The Quest Spectrum Camera is a one-of-a-kind device that can be used for both open and laparoscopic procedures. As shown below, by simply switching the Quest Spectrum Ring Light with the Quest Spectrum Laparoscope different procedures can be performed. This eliminates the need of purchasing two separate devices for open and laparoscopic procedures.

Laproscope and Ring Light

Configurations of the Quest Spectrum Camera

Depending on the application of the surgery, different fluorescent tracers are suitable for visualization of the targeted area. The Quest Spectrum Camera in combination with the Quest Spectrum Light Engine defines the fluorescent tracers that can be visualized with the Quest Spectrum Platform. Currently, customized configurations have been realized for visualization of the fluorescent tracers:

Indo Cyanide Green (ICG)

Cyanine 5 and 5.5 and 7


Methylene Blue



The Quest Spectrum Platform is not limited to the visualization of the above mentioned fluorescent tracers. In case you are not familiar with the suitable fluorescent label of your application, or your application requires the usage of a different fluorescent label, please contact us.


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