Quest Spectrum Platform

Intended use

The Quest Spectrum Platform is designed and developed for open and minimally invasive image-guided surgery. Our technology enables surgeons to create contrast between biological tissues that are indistinguishable with the naked eye.

This contrast is created by using fluorescent imaging; a revolutionary method in which biological structures are visualized with fluorescent tracers. The Quest Spectrum Platform is a medical device that is able to visualize the fluorescent tracers. Due to the imaging in the near-infrared, just outside the spectrum visible for humans, the system can provide the additional information to the surgeon to improve their decision-making-process during surgery.

Quest Spectrum Platform

Benefits of the Quest Spectrum Platform

The Quest Spectrum Platform is the most advanced total solution for intraoperative fluorescence imaging. The key benefits of the Quest Spectrum Platform are:

  1. Simultaneously capturing (no switching) of natural colored images and up to two fluorescent images.
  2. Usage for open and laparoscopic procedures in one medical device.
  3. Capturing High Definition (HD) images with great sensitivity due to dedicated sensors.
  4. Recording real-time videos and stills/photos.
  5. Stabilizing arm provides stabilization and positioning of the camera, without requiring assistance from other OR personnel

Components of the Quest Spectrum Platform

The Quest Spectrum Platform is composed of several key components to assure optimal performance of the system for your application. These components are listed below.

In case you would like to use the Quest Spectrum Platform as an assisting tool for image-guided surgery, or for different objectives such as research or pre-clinical applications, please contact us.


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