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In the Research and Development department at Quest Medical Imaging we are always working on the development of new technological solutions to problems and challenges that are present in the medical field. Based on our in-house knowledge from a technical engineering and medical background we will work on the development and improvement of medical devices and applications.

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On this page we give an overview of all the techniques and projects we are developing and improving. If your goal is to bring your new and interesting research to the point-of-care and are you looking for a technical partner, please contact us.

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Clinical research with Quest Spectrum products

Are you thinking of using the Quest Spectrum products for your clinical research study? That is great! However, before you start please make sure you are gathering qualitative data for your study. This might entail some changes in the system settings to ensure constant system settings to allow data comparison. Please contact us to get in touch with our experts, they are happy to advise you.


Quest Medical Imaging participates in several innovation programmes where we work together with other companies from the public sector and (research) institutes from the private sector. By participating in these consortia we have the opportunity to combine excellent science with industrial leadership in order to tackle societal challenges and enabling scientific breakthroughs to transfer from the lab to user applications.

An example of the projects we are working on at the moment is shown below. If you are interested to participate with us in upcoming projects please contact us.


Advancing Smart Optical Imaging and Sensing for Health

Optical imaging is a very promising emerging technology for treatment. In ASTONISH, hyperspectral imaging technology is developed for open and minimally invasive surgery. This broadband hyperspectral snapshot camera will be capable of distinguishing different tissue constituents.


Extended Image Sensing Technologies

In this project research into new technologies for CMOS image sensors for next-generation application domains are developed. Among others, the image sensor research will focus on enhancing the capabilities of current imaging devices for extended sensitivity and functionality of the pixels, including acquisition in longer wavelengths and filters for hyper-and multispectral imaging that can be applied in medical healthcare.


Besides our participation in development projects with a focus on healthcare applications we are also involved in the development of new imaging and sensing techniques in other domains.

The aim of this project is to develop a monitoring system for invasive seaweeds in the Iberian northwest. In this development a hyperspectral snapshot camera will be used for the identification of the seaweed.

This consortium will develop a modular, compact and cost-effective snapshot spectral imaging system in the infrared domain. It will be endowed with embedded vision and cognitive fusion capabilities.



SurgiMab and Quest Medical Imaging have entered into a collaboration agreement for the upcoming Phase III clinical trial of Surgimab’s SGM-101 in fluorescent guided colorectal cancer surgery. Click here for more information about this clinical trial.

SurgiMab and Quest Medical Imaging in the news

In this Dutch article and video the research into tumor-specific markers using the Quest Spectrum is showcased. Usually the tumor and the tumor-specific markers are invisible to the naked eye, yet by using the fluorescent imaging technique of the Quest Spectrum the tumor can be made visible. The unique feature of this system is the real-time green colored overlay of the location of the tumor on top of the color image. Hence the title; invisible tumor lights up green.

Preclinical use

Due to the configuration of our camera systems we meet the following qualification for studies in a preclinical phase.


  • Large ani­mal visualization
  • Simul­ta­ne­ous high-resolution RGB and VIS/NIR imag­ing
      • images from the different channels are stored separately
  • Laparo­scopic and open visualization
  • No need to put the object in a box
  • Not hampered by ambient fluorescent tube lights
  • Visu­al­iza­tion of two dyes possible
  • Cell level sensitivity

Available techniques

Together with Quest Innovations we develop devices for the medical field. Besides the technical aspect of building the camera it is our goal to assist the user as much as possible. We therefore put a lot of effort in the development of general and more specialized applications that assist in the interpretation of the data in the images.

Fluorescence imaging

Quest Spectrum Platform

The Quest Spectrum Platform is a complete system for fluorescent-guided imaging in open and laparoscopic procedures. This system allows for imaging fluorescent tracers (e.g. ICG). The possibility of image fusion of the high-resolution color image with the fluorescent signal allows for real-time high fidelity orientation in the surgical field combined with the signal emitted by the tracer which is invisible to the naked eye.

Besides the standard configuration for the Quest Spectrum it is possible to optimize and adjust the components for your application. Please contact our experts to discuss the possibilities.

Spectral imaging

This spectral snapshot imaging camera allows you to acquire spectral information in the visible and near-infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Together with a high-resolution RGB image this camera allows you to image the spectral information in combination with a realistic color image for better orientation and image registration.


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