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  1. Creates objective, quantifiable, and reproducible Perfusion Curves
  2. Delivers Advanced Optical Imaging using Smart Sensors™
  3. Validates clinical decisions through Machine Learning/AI
  4. Performs both open and MIS surgical procedures

Smart camera systems

Fluorescence Image Guided Surgery

The Quest Spectrum® takes imaging in the operating room to the next level. The system simultaneously shows color images and fluorescent overlay(s) without switching. This makes it a valuable tool in precision surgery. This functionality helps surgeons to assess perfusion, identify sentinel lymph nodes, and visualize tumors.

Next level imaging

Medical imaging plays a critical role in cancer diagnosis and planning. It is essential to identify primary and microscopic tumors to enable complete removal of cancer.


Multispectral imaging is the next logical step in medical imaging, providing a new means of gathering and visualizing information. The Quest Spectrum® includes a multi spectral camera which visualizes cancer cells and tissue differences not visible to the human eye.


The Quest Spectrum® can be used to provide real time visualization in operating rooms to assist surgeons in making critical decisions. The system can also be used in research and emerging applications. More information about these applications can be found in the the links below.


Quest, an experienced partner

Innovating in the market for nearly 15 years

Quest Medical Imaging is part of The Quest Group. The Group has been creating and supporting industrial multispectral cameras for nearly 15 years. During this period a solid knowledge base has been acquired on how to build cameras for many professional and demanding applications. With unique patented technology, 3 or 5 sensor integrated camera systems and advanced software. Quest is able to get the best out of every image.

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Cancer operations


Clinical trials

How we do it?

The Quest Spectrum® Camera begins with the true color image of the surgical site. This natural image may be overlaid with one or even two fluorescent markers in the field of vision. The combination of the natural image with the fluorescent markers makes it possible to visualize tumors, perfusion, lymph flow and other specific targets in real time during the operations.

This technology, core to the Quest products makes it possible to:

  • Combine the information from the three sensors into one image.
  • Easily choose one of all of three imaging approaches: natural image, fluorescence detection, or fluorescence overlaid onto natural imaging.
  • Move the camera without creating visual distortions or pixel deviations.
Quest Spectrum Platform
Quest Spectrum

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