Attention: This page describes uses that are not yet FDA approved.

The Quest Spectrum® has been used in numerous clinical and preclinical trials and has shown potential for a number of promising applications. We are exploring additional uses of the system and would be happy to discuss your interests in future applications.


QUEST SPECTRUM enables autofluorescence

Smart Sensors™ optimize signal-to-noise ratio allowing for superior parathyroid detection.

spectrum 30 image



Cancer Targeted Probes


SurgiMab and Quest Medical Imaging have entered into a collaboration agreement for the upcoming Phase III clinical trial of Surgimab’s SGM-101 in fluorescent guided colorectal cancer surgery. Click here for more information about this clinical trial.


In this Dutch article and video the research into tumor-specific markers using the Quest Spectrum is showcased. Normally tumor and the tumor-specific markers are invisible to the naked eye. By using the fluorescence imaging technique of the Quest Spectrum the tumor can be made visible. The unique feature of this system is the real-time green colored overlay of the location of the tumor on top of the color image. Hence the title; invisible tumor lights up green.




Avelas Biosciences

Quest Medical Imaging and Avelas Biosciences are collaborating on Avelas’ ongoing Phase II/III trial for evaluating the accuracy of AVB-620 imaging data to distinguish between malignant and nonmalignant breast tissues.


Avelas Announces Top-Line Data Showing Pegloprastide (AVB-620) Can Significantly Improve Cancer Detection in Real-Time During Breast Cancer Surgery. Read news item in our Pressroom. 



On Target Laboratories

Quest Medical Imaging and On Target Laboratories are partnering on OTL’s ongoing Phase II/III trials for evaluating the potential of OTL38 to identify ovarian and lung cancer cells. Read news item in our Pressroom. 



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