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For EU citizens Quest stock is publically tradeable on the NPEX stock exchange.

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As senior management and employees own stock, Quest has an internal code of ethics that all officers and employees who own stock must abide by.  These rules and regulations specifically focus on insider trader and other legal aspects.

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February 26, 2019

Quest Group growth strategy possible thanks to new 8% bonds issue through NPEX

Issue of 5-year bonds for up to €2.5 millions at an interest rate of 8%; Quest high-quality medical camera technology in new study phases; Increased revenue, boost for sales, marketing and development; Bonds tradable on the NPEX stock exchange.  …
February 12, 2019

NPEX breaks through the €80 millions barrier after successful Quest Group bond placement

8% bond placement (€2,5 millions) Quest successfully placed with NPEX investors; Nearly 40 growth companies placed more than €80 m with NPEX investors; NPEX will shortly be announcing new company listings.   With the successful placement of bonds of Middenmeer-based…


Quest Medical Imaging B.V.

Industrieweg 41

1775 PW Middenmeer

The Netherlands

T: + 31 227 60 40 46



Quest Medical Imaging SAS

Parc eurasante

70 Rue du Docteur Yersin,

59120 Loos les Lille, France

T: + 33 (0)6 89 41 66 81 


North America

Quest Med­ical Imag­ing Inc.

10000 Cedar Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44106


T + 1 330 752 6596

F + 1 330 752 6597



Quest Medical Imaging Germany

Stolzestraße 24

44789 Bochum, Germany

T: + 49 234 54 44 41 84


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