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Quest is the leader in multi-sensor medical imaging systems for fluorescence image guided surgery.  Through its network of distributors and own subsidiaries, Quest is serving its customers with state of the art technology to improve patient care by using the latest imaging and analysis tools. Quest is investing and expanding in its main field of surgical intervention with its Quest Spectrum® platform.

Robotic surgery

As a key enabler for imaging technology used for fluorescence imaging through its own products, Quest leadership recognizes that the Medical Robotics Industry is undergoing rapid change and adoption is growing and can benefit from the Quest Spectrum imaging technology. Specifically for Robotic surgery, where the touch and feel is even further away from the surgeons hand, understanding what is happening and present in the field of view of the robotics “eyes”, the Quest Spectrum imaging technology can play a significant role in procedural visualizing and sensing.  As a company we expect that within 12 months we will work closely together with surgical robotics providers to provide our imaging technology in medical robotic products alongside our own Quest Spectrum platform, to provide patients with the best in imaging technology.

- Richard Meester, President/CEO


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