The Quest Spectrum Camera is the core compartment of the Quest Spectrum®. This camera possesses a unique prism technology that simultaneously captures information from visible and near-infrared light sources in high definition (HD). By combining 3 sensors this technology allows for real-time visualization of the “visible” natural image and up to two “invisible” fluorescent images.

quest spectrum camera

The information captured with the Quest Spectrum Camera can be visualized within several different fluorescence formats. Selecting the right image configuration is key for the surgeon to assess the information the system provides. The surgical screen consists of 2 modes. A full screen mode displaying one selected image view or an expanded mode showing 4 images on the screen. In the expanded mode 3 smaller images are displayed on the left side of the screen plus one larger image in the center. This mode allows the surgeon to quickly see all the information imaged by the camera. The surgeon can then select any of these images to be enabled in the center as the larger image.

surgical screen

Four image surgical screen
Single image surgical screen

surgical screen2

Operation modes of the Quest Spectrum Camera

The Quest Spectrum Camera is a one-of-a-kind device that can be used for both open and laparoscopic procedures. As shown below, by simply switching the Quest Spectrum Ring Light with the Quest Spectrum Laparoscope different procedures can be performed. This eliminates the need to purchase two separate devices for open and laparoscopic procedures.



Quest Spectrum works with Several Fluorescent Tracers

Depending on the specific surgery, different fluorescent tracers may be appropriate for visualization of the targeted tissue. The Quest Spectrum Light Engine and Camera can be tailored to activate fluorescence and capture imaging from several tracers. Customized configurations have been prepared for visualization of the following fluorescent tracers:

Indocyanine green (ICG):
 Methylene Blue

Cyanine 5 and 5.5 and 7: CW800

Fluorescein: ZW800

The Quest Spectrum is not limited to visualization of these fluorescent tracers. If you are not sure of the best available fluorescent label for your application, or if you wish to use a different fluorescent label, please contact us.


quest spectrum camera 2