The Quest Spectrum® Light Engine has been developed to generate white and near-infrared light that can be used in both operating modes of the Quest Spectrum. The light generated by the Quest Spectrum Light Engine illuminates the surgical field. Illumination of the surgical field using the near-infrared part of the light excites the fluorescent tracer which in turn emits light picked up by the Quest Spectrum Camera. The lasers and LEDs in the Quest Spectrum Light Engine are designed in a modular fashion. This allows us to adjust the properties of the Quest Spectrum Light Engine to your specific needs.

quest spectrum light engine


The Quest Spectrum is equipped with an automated “Near-Infrared-Safe” feedback mechanism to protect the safety of patients and medical staff. This mechanism protects from unintended over-exposure with near-infrared light. This feedback mechanism assures a safe excitation light intensity from the Quest Spectrum Light Engine at all working distances.

The Quest Spectrum Light Engine can be configured for your specific needs. If you want to know more about the Quest Spectrum Light Engine, or how we can tailor it for your needs, please contact us.